Explicitly Christian Politics

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269 pages

Published by The Christian Statesman Press, 1997


This book contains a series of essays on Christian politics from the explicitly biblical and Christian perspective of the National Reform Association.


Table of Contents 

Editor's Preface, by William O. Einwechter

1. A Background of the National Reform Association, by Anthony A. Cowley

2. The Emperor's New Clothes: The Failure of Retreatest Strategies, by John A. Fielding III

3. The Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, by P. Andrew Sandlin

4. The Judgment Is God's, by William O. Einwechter

5. Christ's Kingship in Contemporary Politics, by William Edgar

6. National Confession Primer, by William Gould

7. The Orthodox Foundations of Liberty, by Jeffrey A. Ziegler

8. The Great Law-Book of the Nation, by Kevin Clauson

9. The Free Market: Arguments For and Against, by Tom Rose

10. Home-Scooling: A Paradigm for Effective Educational Reform in America, by John F. Perry

11. Sentimentalism in Politics, by Joel Saint

12. How to Take Over This Political Mess and Make It Right, by Daniel L. Herrick.